FutureLab Digital, as an organisation, believes in contributing towards community development and has actively supported several charitable initiatives across New Zealand.

In keeping with our passion for digital technology, we made a donation to Whanua Centre recently. The organisation supports a Kaumatua (elderly) group who are learning to use computer technology. Kainga Connect, the programme, was successfully rolled out and is at Week 3 of implementation. This training, held at a local library, boasts of 15 elderly participants eager to learn how to use a computer. 

They also use this time to connect socially; thereby, we helped facilitate a networking forum and future programmes of similar interest in the city.

The result of our charity was fruitful. The programme was one of companionship, laughter and wonderful stories. What’s more? The programme would be extended to two other groups in the near future.

Finally, our funds were used towards maintenance work on the Youth Work van, which is used to visit clients and  transport groups of kids for after school programmes, holiday programmes, sports and school visits.  

We, at FutureLab Digital, are happy that we partnered with a community-development organisation and helped them make a meaningful contribution in the lives of the elderly.

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