Ongoing Website Support – Why you need it, and why it makes financial sense

Technology moves fast, and being in the business of building beautiful websites means keeping up with technological innovations. It also involves maintaining a constant watch on trends and developments in UI and UX – and demands a continuous commitment to education and awareness about the ever-shifting landscape that shapes what each and every one of us view on the internet. One of our goals here at FutureLab is to make sure that when we create a website for a client, it runs seamlessly from the off – and it stays that way.

As web designers, building websites from scratch is what many people assume we do all of the working day, but that’s not strictly true. The rate at which technology and the web develop keeps us busy maintaining websites too. In fact, maintenance and ongoing support are crucial in keeping a website doing its job. Launching a site and failing to maintain it will result in poor performance – quickly. So, why is that? And, how can ongoing website support ensure that your company’s website keeps bringing in the leads?

Speed, Performance, and Security – keeping your CMS and plugins updated

Two of the biggest culprits for website problems are the Content Management System (CMS) and software plugins. The CMS is the smart component within your website build that makes it possible for content to get added efficiently and easily. It ensures there’s minimal work required in keeping the site content – such as articles, product descriptions, pictures, and video – updated. The CMS is the backbone of how your website communicates with and appears to the outside world. If your CMS isn’t correctly maintained, however, it can be a source of some significant issues for both your business and its customers.

The fact is, nothing on the internet works indefinitely without updates. You receive regular security patches, performance enhancements, and technical tweaks for your desktop operating system and phone. Constant updates to your email, and all of the other apps and gadgets you use with the internet every day, keep everything running smoothly, almost unnoticed. Your CMS needs regular changes too, and plugins are no different.

Both your CMS and website plugins need to be kept up to date. Neglecting them will result in poor performance, slower loading times, and lost users or customers. When you don’t update your CMS or plugins in a timely manner, you’ll also be leaving the security door ajar for hackers. Ajar is all it takes to leave your website and business wide open to attack.

Staying in Touch Means Staying on Top of Your Website Game

The internet is a seemingly endless, valuable source of information, communication, and services. Yet, even these days, there are times when picking up the phone and talking to another human being is the best solution. That can be especially true when it comes to technology. If your calling or role isn’t technical, it’s far easier to deal with a technology problem or business requirement when you can talk directly to a developer. Such communication with our clients has been one of the most critical elements in FutureLab’s success – and it’s one of the main reasons we recommend ongoing support.

Priority Website Maintenance = Faster Reaction Times

Aside from technical performance, your website is subject to additional forces which can affect its ability to reach users and customers. Google, for instance, is continually tweaking its ranking requirements and algorithms. Failing to stay on top of those changes can significantly alter the reach of your business. If a major search engine moves the goalposts overnight, or you suddenly find that some element of your website is outdated, addressing the problem promptly is vital.

Here at FutureLab, we’ll do everything in our power to help casual customers. The fact is, however, clients signed up for ongoing website support enjoy priority access to our team. We’ll constantly monitor and react to the influences that directly affect the success of your website.

Ongoing Website Support – Prevention is More Efficient Than a Cure

Regular preventative maintenance doesn’t merely offer enhanced performance; it also makes financial sense. Staying in step with changes to the internet and technology means you’ll never fall too far behind. We’re able to plan more efficiently for clients who subscribe to ongoing website maintenance – meaning it takes less time and effort to keep your website in optimal shape. That translates to improved efficiency, and results in significant cost savings in the form of discounted hourly rates.

Website Support on Tap – Tapping into Our Bright Ideas

Here at FutureLab, websites are our business – and we know that running your own business takes up much of your valuable time. Our ongoing website support services are designed to offer you some breathing space, and they’re far more than just maintenance.

Whether we’re building your website from scratch, updating your CMS, or tending to your plugins and content, the FutureLab team is always looking for creative ways to give you the edge. In addition to technical support, having us on your side means having access to a host of expert insight, solutions, and ideas. We’ll continuously analyse the performance and potential of your website and maximise how it works for your business and users.

Ongoing Website Support – cost-effective, quick, convenient

Everything on the internet is continuously shifting below the surface – in order to keep up with search engine algorithm changes, security threats, and technological developments. Doing business on the web can bring quick rewards, but the pace of change that enables such performance, innovation, and reach can also bring problems.

Regular maintenance, development, and performance analysis are logical steps in protecting any significant business investment. That’s as true in the case of your website as it is for your premises, employees, or even a fleet of vehicles. Ongoing website support is the best and most cost-effective way to help FutureLab make sure your website thrives in a competitive, ever-evolving environment.

We’ll journey with you and help you explore the digital solutions that will benefit your business.

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