The Challenge

The focus is to develop a simple and effective web navigation maximizing usability and to also improve user journey throughout the website. These are all part of a bigger goal to encourage user conversions.

A new and easier way to reach Biztech

FutureLab created an enquiry form accessible for users from anywhere in the world. It is an intuitive way for users to complete the form quickly by selecting options made up of icons. A new visual and create structure of the enquiry helps to take out the lengthy period used in completion and such leads to improved user conversions.

The result

The website is pleasing to the eye and effort-less to navigate through. The box-structure used creates a logical-sense that run throughout the website. This type of structure is a great way to organize content and it improves user journey.

Enhanced user journey sees a benefit for Biztech. The sleek presentation and innovative structure of the contact form switches out the need to type and now, users can now conveniently complete the enquiry form in a breeze.

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Website for IT company
Website for IT company

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