Discount Tyres is a well-known brand within NZ, but their website was not living up to the company’s high standards. The staff were not able to edit or update the site, causing confusion for customers. FutureLab needed to build an editable website without losing any of the complex functionality of the site.


We delivered a website that stands out among its competitors while staying true to the Discount Tyres brand. The website is modern and easier to navigate through to quickly find store locations, servicing information and a quick free quote. Plus, the team love being able to manage their own website.

Easily editable content

Using WordPress as the web development platform meant we could give the Discount Tyres team login access to edit the website themselves. Changing store locations, advertising the latest specials or adding new products to the inventory are now quick and easy tasks for the Discount Tyres staff.

Increasing consumer engagement

We did some research and discovered that the Discount Tyres website was light on content compared to other experts in the tyre industry. We provided engagement-driven copywriting for the site to highlight the company as experts in their field, and to help guide consumers towards taking action online.

Smart functionality and modern design

The biggest leap forward for Discount Tyres was going mobile-responsive with the new site. The website shrinks to fit all screen sizes, allowing the company to capture the expanding smartphone audience. The web design is clean and modern, and the structure arranged to help users find key information on the go.

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