Salon Warehouse website and Stock Management

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the design for Salon Warehouse is suited specifically to their needs. The website has a great homepage with effective places for call-to-action points. The product pages on the other hand have a clean layout and allow users to quickly find what they are after.

A brand new website – Salon Warehouse’s website is built from scratch. This means we were able to incorporate any unique ideas all onto a blank canvas.

Integration – the website not only displays all the essential product information, products are managed with a custom Stock Management System. This means Salon Warehouse can manage stock on website quickly and efficiently

What’s special?

A special feature the Salon Warehouse website has is pricing for products is only visible for approved customers. This is an extra function which Salon Warehouse can now go to the website for rather than needing another channel to reach its approved customers

What is more, is pricing can be customised to be different for different customers. This is a strategic function that Salon Warehouse can also use through the website.

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