Speed Date make forging human connections easy with their fun Auckland dating events. However their old website made enabling those connections difficult with clunky and outdated functionality. Many tasks had to be performed manually. FutureLab aimed to design a custom website for Speed Date that would perform complex tasks, to allow the Speed Date team to focus on giving their customers a magical speed dating experience.


Speed Date has an engaging website that allows customers to browse and book Speed Date events easily. With login functionality and personalised reminders, customers feel more connected to their Speed Date experience. The new website’s mobile-responsiveness means that users can sign up and book events on the go. And the team at Speed Date now have their own sophisticated event booking and management system at their fingertips.

Prioritising User Experience

Previously Speed Date users couldn’t log in or purchase directly from the site. All payments were processed manually, causing headaches for the Speed Date team. Now the website is a full eCommerce, allowing users to create an account, login and easily purchase tickets for upcoming events from the website. Attendees can even book an extra ticket for a friend at the same time! Customers spend less time filling out forms and Speed Date save time on processing payments.

A Unique Experience Requires Unique Functionality

FutureLab built many custom functionalities into the new Speed Date website to help the team create a truly memorable experience for their customers. The ticketing system means that male and female participants can be balanced out on each event. The classic Speed Date ‘matching’ system has had a makeover with details of your match automatically sent to you via the website. Both the ticketing and events systems were customised to provide the exact functionality the team required.

Custom WordPress Plugin for Text Reminders

Part of ensuring a great evening for everyone is making sure all your customers turn up to the event! We created a WordPress plugin called SMS Template that allows Speed Date to automatically include the specific time, date, location and name of each event in their email and text reminders. Speed Date simply click to send out reminders and on the morning of each event, the attendees will receive a customised text or email reminder.

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