A Great Turnout

FutureLab’s helped The Red Boat to designed the website, suit it to their needs and completed all back-end words to ensure it runs smoothly.

Creating a feeling through imaginary Features

  • Mobile version for The Red Boat’s website was developed so users could connect on all platforms. It is always a plus to be mobile friendly.
  • FutureLab took a turn to use an unconventional and creative menu for The Red Boat. The menu opening on the left is a unique feature for the website and it is convenient to users
  • The new website is also SEO friendly with all types of SEO services available for any commercial digital marketing strategies.
  • Content rearrangement is the foundation of design and closely linked as the organisation of information often determines the design or it may be the other way around. For The Red Boat, the content is displayed in smaller sections allowing the reader to better comprehend the information.
  • FutureLab also created a multisite which is used for more than one business. This is great for businesses to be linked together but still retain their independent site.

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